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About CNU
I will light up a happy world with truth.
President of Chonnam National University
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Chonnam National University(CNU) was established in 1952 under the idea of ‘Save the Nation through Education’. We are proud of our glorious achievement in fulfilling the mission irrespective of all the challenges for the past 65 years.‘Truth, Creativity, Service’ is the founding spirit of CNU, being the basis of fostering academics, educating talented students, and contributing to the prosperity of the nation as well as the local community.

Also, guided by the light of ‘justice and conscience’, CNU assumes the unforgettable position in the development of democracy, helping Korea cherish the precious value of ‘democracy, human rights, and peace’. ‘Pride & Hope’ will be the words to symbolize our historic achievements, blossoming in the hearts of the family of CNU and the people of the local community.
Let us endeavor to pursue truth and create new knowledge for the world of ‘harmony and happiness’, carrying on consistent efforts in the progress of science and technology in the age of the fourth industrial revolution which will change the human society in a dramatic way. Any need of researchers will be keenly attended with various kinds of positive assistance, helping CNU be a ‘Global Research Hub’, where research projects with world-level-recognition are performed and researchers work and collaborate lively and energetically.
Our students will be fostered and trained to be the leaders of creative capability and intelligence, required in the 21st century. Facing the issues of the times, we are going to find insights and the right way and provide them for our society. Most of all, we will do our best in the efforts to fulfill the mission of conscientious intellectuals in a polite and respectful manner.
Also, hand in hand with the local community, we will approach them closely with an open mind. The CNU tree is the zelkoba, the symbol of tenacious vitality, unlimited potentiality and lenient richness. Our students, as future leaders, will grow like zelkoba of CNU, bringing people together and offering a rest under their benevolent influence.

It is time for us to harvest our energy and wisdom with pride and hope, concentrating on our mission of the times. ‘New hope’ sheds light on a more capacious future of CNU, where friendly academic community is realized with the sense of reasonableness and harmony. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.