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Department of Nursing

The Department of Nursing, which held its centennial anniversary in 2012, has the longest history among Chonnam National University’s numerous departments. In 2005, the department was promoted to a nursing college, defining CNU as a leader of nursing in the Honam area. Based on truth, creation, and service, which are the missions of CNU, the educational purpose of the College of Nursing is to help students learn scientific nursing, knowledge, respect for clients they encounter in a variety of clinical settings, and develop communication skills necessary for collaborating with health professionals from other disciplines. Furthermore, the undergraduate curriculum is focused on training creative and talented global nurses as well as creating new jobs via innovative teaching/learning strategies. After 4 years of study, students acquire licensure through the national board of nursing examination.


  • Clinical Nurses
  • Educators: Researchers, Professor, School Nurses
  • Administrators: Civil Servants Related Health, Government Employees
  • Community Nurses: Industrial Nurses, Public Health Nurses
  • Other: Child Care Centers, Army Nurses, Welfare Facilities, Nursing Home Employees

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