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Professor Huh Min Participates in International Consulting for Natural History Museum in India

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.04.23 16:53 조회227

Professor Huh Min (Faculty of Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences) was elected as representative advisor of the Asian region in the international consulting meeting for the establishment of the National Museum of Natural History in India.

According to CNU, Professor Huh attended the ‘International Consulting Conference for the Establishment of the National Museum of Natural History of India’ at the University of Delhi under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation from April 1 to 2.

The meeting was attended by globally renowned experts invited by the Indian government including Professor Huh as the representative advisor of Asia, Dr. Nigel C. Hughes (University of California, Riverside) and Dr. Warren Douglas Allmon (Cornell University) representing the USA, Dr. David Gower (British Natural History Museum) representing the UK, and Dr. Johannes Vogel (Berlin Natural History Museum) representing Germany.

The conference covered diverse geological issues such as paleontology, geology, and geological parks, as well as architectural and human resources matters on the establishment of natural history museum of international prestige.

The National Museum of Natural History of India will be a large scaled museum for research, education, and exhibitions of geological and biological heritage from the ancient human race to dinosaurs, modeling the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and American Museum of Natural History.

Professor Huh, who is nicknamed "Dr. Dinosaur", is currently the head of the Mudeungsan Area Geo Park of the UNESCO World Geological Park and the chairman of the Gwangju City Tourism Activation Committee.