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Encouragement, Hope, and Resolution for Academic Achievement (Scholarship Award Ceremony)

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.05.31 20:12 조회83

CNU held a scholarship award ceremony “2019 CNU Development Funds Scholarship Award Ceremony” at 11 am, on May 7. Scholarship donors encouraged beneficiary students to instill courage and hope and the students were encouraged to become more committed to their academic achievements.

For the ceremony, CNU invited 12 scholarship donors on behalf of all the donors of scholarship funds and awarded scholarships to 52 representative beneficiaries. In addition to the awarding ceremony, donors, key post faculty, and beneficiary students sat together and shared a luncheon while they exchanged messages of gratitude and encouragement.

Kim Sung-soo, (89, chairman of Ankook Industry) stated on behalf of scholarship donors, "I have been convinced of the importance of fostering talent through eight years of teaching experience." After introducing the scholarship activities he conducted, Kim added, “I hope that all of the students in this honorable gathering will grow up to be talented people who will be in important positions in society and be able to contribute to the country."

Han Da-hye (Graduate Student majoring in Architecture Engineering, sophomore), the representative scholarship recipient, replied, "This scholarship is a great honor and stimulate hope for us as it gives us lessons of the sacrifices and efforts of donors. We will study hard and contribute to the local community."

CNU provided 19,000 students, or 80 % of total students with scholarships of 2.5 million KRW on average in 2018, which is 60 billion KRW from donations and on/off campus scholarship funds. The average tuition fee at CNU is 4.1 million won, which is only 61% of the national university average.