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New Scholarship Model Linking University, Departments, and Alumni

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.05.31 20:13 조회92

CNU’s Department of Communication launched the ‘Dream Support Project’ that bolsters undergraduate student’s ability to explore potential career paths and implement their consequent plans for their futures with various help from alumni members. In addition to these efforts of the department and alumni, CNU decided to support the scholarship program, establishing a new scholarship model based upon a new trinity of university, departments, and alumni. 

According to the CNU Department of Communication (Department Chair: Professor Yoo Jong-won), it completed an agreement for the scholarship with the Dream Supporters Society (Director: Kim Ok-yeul) on May 13. The two will cooperate to support students with harmonious connections of academic and career planning on the basis of active and future-oriented talent training programs.

In addition, they will give scholarships to selected students each year through open competition for specific topics or free topics, and experts from the alumni, who are in related fields, will give practical guidance and consultation. For this purpose, 10 million KRW from the department and 5 million KRW from the Society have already been allocated to the University Development Fund in the form of a donation for the specific budget. They started to make list of alumni for the program.

Alumni often support undergraduate students with contributions for scholarships. But it is not common for them to cooperate with departments for specific programs, in which they actually participate, and provide support directly to the students through contests and competitions in a closely collaborative manner.

Furthermore, the university strongly advocated the good-natured spirit of this program and promised to offer additional credit to students in connection with the "Free Semester System" as well as scholarship funds larger than the existing contributions. This introduces the three-way cooperation of the university, departments and alumni that sponsor students as a new model of scholarship funding.

The Dream Supporters Society was established in 2003 as Professor Lee Eui-jung introduced alumni and students in the alumni association named ‘Obaekhoe,’ where the members gathered together to communicate over beers and small donations of 1,000KRW were made.

During the agreement completion meeting, Kim Hwan-kyung (Junior), the first beneficiary, received the 2019 scholarship of the Dream Supporters Society.

Professor Yoo stated, “In order to cultivate future-oriented talents to cope with an increasingly diverse society based on information, it is necessary to have various support programs rather than standardized career guidance. Cooperation of alumni with the department will be a great help to achieve this goal”