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A CNU Research Team Selected for MRC Project

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.06.26 09:50 조회119

A CNU Research Team led by Professor Koh Jeong-tae (School of Dentistry) has been selected for the Medical Research Center (MRC) project of the Advanced Research Center Program Project and will receive a total of 10.5 billion KRW in grants for the next seven years.

According to CNU, Professor Koh Jeong-tae’s research team was selected for the MRC department of the 2019 Advanced Research Center Program governed by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Research Foundation. The research team of ‘Hard Tissue Biointerfaces Research Center’ will conduct research for source proprietary technology to enhance comprehensive understanding on the homeostasis of hard tissue and contribute to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. The research center also will operate commercialization projects for developing treatments for hard tissue diseases in cooperation with Gwangju Metropolitan City and Kuwotech, Inc.

The CNU School of Dentistry (Director: Kim Byung-gook) added one more MRC research project to its existing research lab, the Research Center for Biomineralization Disorders (Director: Professor Koh Jeong-tae), which was selected by the Korea Research Foundation in 2011. The research center has published research accomplishments in world-renowned scientific journals including Nature.
Professor Koh stated, "The Hard Tissue Biointerfaces Research Center aims to clarify the interactions between soft and hard tissues and presents a new pathogenesis and control method related to hard tissue diseases. This is expected to usher in a completely new treatment method for hard tissue diseases found in patients with inflammations and metabolic disorders.”