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CNU as Top National University for Research Grants for Two Consecutive Years

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.09.20 09:37 조회150

CNU has recorded the largest amount of research grants among domestic national universities for two consecutive years.

According to the public announcement indicator published on Academyinfo, a website run by the Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education, CNU recorded 144.3 billion KRW for 2,636 research projects in 2018, the largest amount of research grants among domestic national universities.

It is an excellent accomplishment, which ranks 7th in research project selection and 8th for research grants among domestic universities. CNU ranked 1st among national universities and 8th among domestic universities for the amount of research grants last year.

This excellent result is attributed to CNU’S efforts to construct research-friendly environments and in securing global research competitive power after the inauguration of President Jeong. It has provided customized research support programs such as a reward system for excellent research accomplishments, the systematic categorization of excellent researchers, improvement in administrative systems to break through difficulties in research, and support programs for multidisciplinary collaborative research projects by senior researchers.

In addition, CNU established the College of Artificial Intelligence Convergence and is planning to expand the multidisciplinary majors, fostering more research projects and research grants in the field of studies which are also related to the future industries of the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions, namely: IoT AI robotics, big data-based finance, agricultural and farming industries utilizing future energy, culture technology, and next generation vehicles.

President Jeong said, “We have fostered and accumulated research capacities and have thus prepared a veritable researcher-friendly environment as a research-oriented university. Now they are bringing about promising results. With our continuing efforts and the newly established College of AI Convergence, we will strive to promote the researchers who will lead the global research field for the fourth industrial revolution”.