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Life at CNU

CNU’s International Community Day

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.11.25 14:39 조회123

CNU held a festival for harmonized international culture based on cross-cultural understanding and communication among international students, domestic students, and faculty members. 

The CNU Office of International Affairs (Director: Professor Moon Ki-seok, CNU Law School) held the ‘International Community Day’ at the CNU Gwangju Campus (Yongbong Dong) on November 7. More than 1,500 people, including international students, faculty from other countries, their family members, and domestic students, participated in the event.

Participants enjoyed wearing the traditional clothes of Korea and multiple other countries and experiencing lessons in Korean handicrafts and folk art. The food festival area was full of multicultural cuisines and in the play activity area, various Korean folk games including Tuho, a Korean seesaw, and Korean archery were available as well as folk games of other countries, such as games involving the curling of rubber shoes and a pipe relay race.

In addition, in the ‘Exchange Madang,’ participants enjoyed complimentary bread and fruit as they attended a flea market held for international students. The flea market was prepared by the CNU Women's Faculty Association, which received donations of second-hand materials and daily necessities from CNU members, such as winter clothing for international students from warmer regions.

In addition, CNU held the ‘KT & G University in Imagination’ event and a talent show as parts of the festival.