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Life at CNU

93-year-old Citizen Donated Scholarship in Honor of Her Family

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.01.28 15:46 조회92

A senior lady, aged 93, donated a scholarship to CNU in order to honor her husband.

Jang Kyung-rae, who lives in Jinwol-dong, Nam-gu, visited CNU on January 10th to donate real estate property worth 200 million KRW for scholarship funds.

Jang stated, “I have fulfilled responsibilities as a mother ever since I was widowed at age 46. The remaining task of my life was to contribute to the community. Thus, I hope CNU uses my donation for students who are in need on my behalf. ”

She also said, "Since I received a lot of help from the family of my deceased husband while I raised my children alone, I would like to name the scholarship as the Pyeonggangchae Chae Gyubin Scholarship after his family name. Also, I want to tell the students who will receive the scholarship to honor my good will and grow up as sincere members of society.”

President Jeong said, “Mrs. Jang’s warm heart will be a great strength and source of inspiration for each recipient. We will do our best to cultivate great talents so that the prestige and honor of the family name it carries will shine brightly.”