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CNU Exhorts Its Members to Take Preventive Measures against the “Coronavirus” (Covid-19) Epidemic

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.02.17 10:23 조회174

CNU has prepared additional measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and is now deploying them.

President Jeong presided over an emergency meeting on February 3 and requested that members of the university who visited China must quarantine themselves and those who will stay on campus should go through a virus infection screening test that the CNU Clinic offers, which is on the first floor of the Student Union I.

He also ordered university administrative officers to provide products for personal hygiene and thermometers to maintain self-checks for those in their dorm rooms.

In addition, the CNU Library decided to disinfect loaned and returned books, which tally 550 per day on average as of February 3. All the cleaning staff on campus also took emergency training in the afternoon on precautionary measures for improved sanitary-oriented environmental management with special emphasis on surfaces subjected to human contact, such as door handles.

Prior to this, the CNU Dormitories started sterilizing all public areas and employed thermal imaging cameras at the entrance of the dormitory restaurant.

CNU has a 24-hour service at the CNU Clinic in preparation for the return of 400 Chinese students and new students from the middle of this month. In addition to the establishment of a separate space in the dormitories for precautionary quarantine, CNU will receive information from the Gwangju Regional Immigration Office to determine and monitor CNU members with at-risk travel histories and Chinese students with a high risk of viral infection. CNU will reschedule important events such as the graduation and entrance ceremonies, which were originally scheduled at the end of February; due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Association of Chinese Students and Chinese Doctoral Students Association at CNU released an announcement to express gratitude to the university’s “consideration and affectionate care”. They added that they will comply with all the rules and regulations of the Korean government and CNU while thoroughly maintaining protective measures for effective disease control.

President Jeong emphasized, "Be prepared for all potential scenarios and ensure that all regulations and guidelines are followed in case of a potential outbreak of the virus on campus. CNU will maintain close cooperation with related organizations and governmental agencies to secure public health on campus."