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New Departments and Capacity Increase at CNU Gwangju and Yeosu Campuses

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.05.27 09:46 조회150

CNU will establish six new departments for cutting-edge technologies and increase freshmen admissions quota for said programs by 310.

In particular, the CNU Yeosu campus will secure three departments with 130 more students from the expansion, which is expected to contribute to the regeneration of the local economy in Yeosu. 

According to CNU on April 17, the 2021 Quota Adjustment for High-tech Departments including theses changes was confirmed by the Ministry of Education. 

CNU will establish a Faculty of Artificial Intelligence (which will include an Artificial Intelligence major and a Software major), a Department of Intelligent Mobility Convergence, and a Department of Big Data Convergence at the Gwangju Campus, and will recruit 180 students to increase the total number of students.

The CNU Yeosu Campus will also start a Department of Healthcare Medical Engineering (including a Bio Health Care major and a Digital Health Care major), a Department of Petrochemical Materials Engineering, and a Department of Smart Fishery Resource Management, and will be able to accept 130 more students to these three departments from next year.

In the meantime, CNU has conducted the a mandatory reduction (10%) of its total admissions quota, in addition to strategic cuts for university structural reform (10%), which is followed by a further 10% reduction due to the integration of CNU and Yeosu National University. As a result, the CNU Gwangju campus has decreased the admissions quota by 25% and the Yeosu campus 42%.

In particular, complaints of local residents have been raised that the city's vitality has declined as the number of students at the CNU Yeosu campus has been greatly reduced after the integration of similar and duplicated majors across the two campuses.

President Jeong stated, “Our efforts to create future-oriented academics for several years, like with the establishment of convergence majors and the artificial intelligence (AI) convergence college, have been rewarded in the form of theses fruitful results. In particular, the CNU Yeosu campus will achieve them through participation and cooperation from the local communities, which will be repaid by contributing to the revitalization of local economies.”