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CNU Opens Performance Management Center to Initiate Data-Based Educational Innovation

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.07.29 16:31 조회112

CNU has launched data-based innovation for university education through various efforts including the establishment of the Performance Management Center.

According to CNU, it held the opening ceremony of the Performance Management Center on the first floor of the University Headquarters Building on July 14, initiating full-scale operation of the center. Only twenty major post office representatives attended the ceremony due to precautionary action to prevent COVID-19 infection.
The Performance Management Center will systematically manage and analyze key indicators of the university to support the realization of x-objective data-based administration. Furthermore, the center will contribute to improved performance and quality control by assessing the efficiency of major projects, including the university’s long-term development plan, and providing feedback.

President Jeong stated, “The launch of the Performance Management Center marks the transformation of overall university operations such as education, research, and industry-university cooperation into systematic management based on practical data.” He also exhorted the necessity of systematic data management and analysis that can help foster rational decision-making procedures.

As a part of the University Innovation Support Project, CNU established the Performance Management Center as an agency under the direct oversight of the president in January for continuous educational innovation through systematic performance management. It also established Borami, a computerized system for systematic collection and management of university’s performance data.