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CNU’s Fall Semester to Be Mixed Format (Offline + Online Classes)

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.07.29 16:34 조회204

CNU has decided to operate the fall semester in a mixed class format that combines face-to-face classes and online classes, even if COVID-19 reduces in severity.

According CNU’s announcement on the academic operation plan for the second semester, which was released on July 14, the university will continue to take extra caution even if offering expansive offline classes becomes available during the fall semester. To remain flexible, CNU is planning to offer full-time online courses in case the situation becomes serious at any point during the semester.
The university will have in place three levels of social distancing corresponding to the number of new COVID-19 cases in Gwangju. Under social distancing level one, CNU will allow offline classes if there are fewer than 10 confirmed cases per day, and mixed classes will be employed when the confirmed cases number between 10-50. Under social distancing level 2, offline classes will be partially allowed under the condition of reinforced prevention measures such as approval from individual colleges or the Office of Academic Affairs. Under level three social distancing where there are more than 100 confirmed cases per day, offline classes will be banned.

In addition, for mixed classes of three credit courses, the time ratio of online and offline classes will be either two hours of online classes with one hour of offline classes, one hour of online classes with two hours of offline classes, or 1.5 hours equally per week. Professors also can offer online or offline classes for a whole week and then switch to the other format in turns through the innovative teaching method known as flipped learning. In addition, it is recommended that faculty cooperate to produce video content and jointly use it in each class for subjects taught by more than two professors.

In principle, remote classes should be either pre-recorded video lectures, real-time video lectures, or a mixture of both. Simply distributing documents or reading materials in the forms of PowerPoint slides, MS Word document, PDFs, etc. without lectures or replacement classes by assignment will be banned to guarantee quality online classes.

If offline classes are essential, they will be allowed under the condition of strict quarantine measures.

The evaluation for the fall semester will be based on offline examinations, while online evaluation, such as through online exams and assignments, will be allowed at the discretion of the professor. CNU will come up with ideas to diversify evaluation methods including the absolute assessment formula for the fall semester no later than the beginning of the fall semester.