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Life at CNU

A Cobbler Receives a PhD in Philosophy from CNU

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.10.27 10:53 조회42

A senior citizen who devoted his life to shoe repairs for 30 years in Myungdong, Seoul, received an honorary doctoral degree from CNU.

On the morning of September 24, CNU conferred an honorary doctoral degree in philosophy to Chairperson Kim Byung-yang (84, Jongno, Seoul) at the Gwangju Bank Hall in Yongji-gwan.

Kim's family and relatives, as well as officials from the Daejong Association of Uiseong-Kim family, attended the ceremony and shared joy, saying that it was a great celebration of the family. President Jeong, the Director of the CNU Graduate School (Dean: Professor Baek Jang-sun), deans of colleges, and professors also congratulated the degree conferment.

President Jeong said, “The eighty-year life of Kim is like the one of a zelkova tree at the entrance of a town, which grows into a giant tree even in a barren surrounding to give shelter to people. Kim's life is an example for CNU students, who should always keep their eyes on the distant horizon. It will also be a symbol for those who want to be successful in their life.”
Kim said, “I think it is an infinite honor to be in this glorious position. As CNU is now my school, I will continue to think about CNU and do something that will help it.” 

Born in Jangseong County, Jeonnam, Kim graduated elementary school in Jangseong and started working in Gwangju before he moved to Seoul and opened a shoe repair shop in Myungdong. He has persevered through difficulties in life with a strong willingness, diligence, and undying spirit to face challenges.

In April, he donated 1.2 billion KRW in cash and real estate to CNU to cultivate future educational opportunities and received praise from many people. In June, the 54th Blue Dragon Volunteer Award hosted by the National Police Agency and the Chosun Ilbo awarded him the In Award in recognition of his good deed.