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CNU International Summer Session Starts on June 24

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.07.22 13:03 조회21

CNU started this year’s CNU International Summer Session on June 24, for which renowned scholars from CNU and other prestigious universities around the world provide quality lectures to CNU students and students from all over the world.

Starting with the orientation ceremony, the CNU International Summer Session kicked off its 4-week curriculum with lectures by renowned scholars as follows: ▲ Introduction to Financial Analytics by Professor Marco Pollanen (Trent University, Canada) for the Big data and financial engineering major ▲ IoT Stream Data Analysis (Internet of Things: From Silicon to Smart Cities) by Professor Venkatesan Muthukumar (University of Nevada-Las Vegas, USA).

In addition to this, the CNU International Summer Session provided a total of 22 classes by 15 international scholars and 7 CNU professors including the following classes: ▲ Positive Psychology by Professor Douglas Claud Smith (Southern Oregon University, USA) ▲ International Trade by Professor Grzegorz Mieczyslaw Mazur (Poznan U of Economics and Business, Poland) ▲ English Language and Literature: Crime Fiction by Thomas Arnold Fletcher Halford (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada)

125 international students from 48 universities and 25 countries as well as students who study abroad and visit Gwangju during the summer vacation chose the CNU International Summer Session instead of studying abroad during the summer vacation.

To facilitate international students’ cultural understanding, CNU provided cultural excursions to traditional Korean sites, travel to Namdo, and home stay programs in addition to the general lectures. CNU also provided a Buddy program for the attendees to help them during their stay in Gwangju. 41 CNU students made a group comprising three international students, and they will be able to build global networks by helping international students’ studies and aiding them to ease into campus life.

The CNU International Summer Session is especially beneficial for those who study abroad and visit Gwangju during the summer vacation to take one or two classes worth three to six credits.

400 Korean students could take part in the courses and gain credit. The credit gained during the CNU International Summer Session is taken into the credits of the regular summer session. For the 100 among them, it is like a preparatory class since they are scheduled to study abroad next semester as exchange students.

The CNU International Summer Session, which CNU started 11 years ago, has now developed into the largest session among programs of domestic national universities. It has taken a significant role in spreading local culture worldwide and fostering international exchange in Gwangju and the wider Jeonnam area.