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CNU International Sailing Training Begins

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.07.22 13:05 조회20

CNU International Sailing Training Team set sail.

According to CNU, the CNU International Sailing Training Team departed for a 27-day voyage from Pier 3 of the port of Yeosu on June 24, receiving a hearty send-off from President Jeong, university officials, the regional director, parents, and students. The training team consists of 101 members including 57 practicing students, 2 instructors, crew members, and passengers.

The training team took Sae Dongbaek (Captain: Professor Kim Dae-jin), the CNU training ship, and will sail along the south coast and coast of Jeju, followed by stops in the ports of Qingdao in China, Kagoshima in Japan and Vladivostok in Russia. The Sae Dongbaek will return to the port of Yeosu on July 20 after its first international voyage since it was built and handed over to CNU this January.

Students of the maritime majors and departments, which provide national marine officer programs, such as Power System Engineering major in the School of Marine Technology, the Department of Maritime Police Science, and the Department of Marine Bio Food Science, are expected to gain hands-on experience related to their studies. As well as training for navigation skills and knowledge on marine environments, students will experience marine product facilities, the marine and ocean culture of other countries during the journey.

President Jeong stated in the farewell address, “We hope you have fruitful results from this training voyage by understanding the comprehensive management of navigation and sailing; and most importantly have a safe journey.”

The national designated program for marine officers includes one-year on-board training for the license to work as navigation officers or marine engineers in international shipping companies, or to work for maritime affairs and fisheries in positions such as governmental workers or maritime police.

The Sae Dongbaek is CNU’s new training ship, registered on January 16 as a 2,996 ton ship with cutting-edge facilities. It is 96.45 meters long, 15 meters wide, and 7.6 meters in height. The ship can accommodate 110 and the highest speed of this ship is 16 knots and the longest cruising range is 8,400 miles.