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CNU Ranked 50th in “Asia Pacific’s Most Innovative Universities 2019”

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.07.22 13:07 조회88

CNU was ranked higher than last year in the rating of internationally renowned universities in the Asia Pacific region.

According to the “Asia Pacific’s Most Innovative Universities 2019,” which was recently announced by Reuters News in collaboration with a global academic information service company, CNU has been ranked 50th. It is the second highest among national flagship universities and 13th among domestic universities in Korea. CNU was ranked 55th last year in the same research.

In particular, CNU displayed an excellent record in the success rate of patent registration. The ratio of patents filed by the institution and of those that were subsequently granted by patent offices was 87.9%, which is considerably higher than Seoul University (78.2%), Tsinghua University (74.8%) in China, and the University of Tokyo (52.6%) in Japan. Among domestic universities, CNU was ranked 3rd following Chung-Ang University (91.0%) and Ajou University (88.1%) and ranked 1st among national flagship universities, proving a better quality of published academic accomplishments over the quantity.

In addition, CNU was ranked second among national flagship universities, 11th among domestic universities, and 428th among world universities in the “Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities” announced by National Taiwan University. CNU also was ranked higher than last year.

Furthermore, the five areas of agriculture, engineering, life sciences, medicine, and natural sciences of CNU were proven excellent among the total of six assessment categories, proving CNU’s comprehensive research capacity. Other national flagship universities like Kyungpook National University and Pusan National University were recognized in 4 disciplinary categories, Chungnam National University in 2, and Jeonbuk National University and Kangwon National University were selected only for one category. None of the other national flagship universities of Korea were selected for the social science field.

CNU also took a prominent position in agriculture & engineering, and natural sciences in 24 assessment topics.

Meanwhile, in the “QS (Quacquarelli Symons: a university evaluation agency in the UK) World University Rankings 2019,” in which world's top 1001 universities are ranked under various criteria, CNU received higher marks in relative criteria such as Impact Factor, and the ratio of the number of professors to students while it earned lower marks in subjective assessment from international scholars and human resource departments of multinational enterprises. It has been analyzed that CNU need to foster greater public relation campaigns in the international stage and strengthen its network worldwide.