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Life at CNU

Special Lecture by the President of the Supreme Court

작성자대외협력과 작성일2019.10.24 14:42 조회23

Supreme Court Chairman Kim Myung-Soo gave his first lecture outside of the courtroom, to students of CNU Law School.

Kim visited CNU on September 16 and gave a lecture under the title of 'Challenges the courts and lawyers face' for an audience of 250 including students and faculty members. After the lecture, Kim received questions from the floor.

Before the lecture, Kim said, “Gwangju is not simply the city in which one is born, raised, and educated, but also the embodiment of freedom and democracy.”

In the lecture, Kim said, “Law used to focus on limiting individual’s rights in the past. However, it is gradually changing, granting more rights in the social and economic sphere, which will result in changes in the functions of the court, from the passive mediation of conflicts to guardianship for the community and the recovery of community values. The courts and legal professionals are about to face multiple challenges as society changes with regards to the declining size of the workforce and the introduction of artificial intelligence."

In addition, Kim paid a visit to the Kim Nam-ju Memorial Hall with President Jeong before the lecture and took a walk around the campus as he talked with students in a friendly manner.

After the lecture, Kim attended a tree planting ceremony held in front of the Law School Building with President Jeong, and professors of the CNU Law School such as Professor Kim Soon-seok, the Dean of the CNU Law School, and Professor Kim I-su (the former Constitutional Judge).

Earlier in the day, Kim also visited the National Cemetery in Mangwol-dong, Buk-gu, and prayed before the altars of Lee Han-yeol, Park Seung-hee, Choi Hyun-yeol, and Jürgen Hinzpeter. He held a luncheon meeting with members of the Gwangju District Bar Association (Director: Lim Sun-sook, 28th graduate of Judicial Research and Training Institute).