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Life at CNU

President Jeong Participates in the # Thank-You-Challenge for Medical Professional with Hundreds of Staff Members

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.07.29 16:20 조회10

President Jeong joined the #Thank-You-Challenge with university staff and cheered medical professionals trying to overcome COVID-19.

According to CNU, President Jeong held a handmade signpost saying “#Thanks-to-the-Medical-Staff” and “#I-Respect-You” with more than 200 faculty members at Yongbong Hall, the Yeosu campus, the Hakdong Medical School, and the Hwasun campus on the afternoon of June 23rd.

President Jeong stated, “From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, which dates back to the start of 2020, numerous medical professionals have been making every effort to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to treat patients. Medical workers are full of a sense of responsibility deserve our gratitude and respect for us being able to stay safe.”

University staff also said, “We are glad that all students and faculty members of CNU are overcoming the COVID-19 crisis through vigilance and personal hygiene management. This ongoing success can also be attributed to devoted treatment taking place at the CNU Clinic and local hospitals.”

This campaign is in the form of hashtags handmade signs and support messages such as #Thanks-to#Medics and #I-Respect-You to support medical staff struggling at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis, especially in the increasingly hot weather. It is a national campaign to worthy of being posted and spread online.

This is a relay campaign where President Jeong participated at the request of Chairman Ju Myung-hyun of the Private School Teachers Pension Corporation, and then later asked Noh Dong-il, the Director of the Jeonnam Community Chest of Korea, to continue the next campaign.