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Life at CNU

CNU Has Promised To Come up with Solutions to the Controversy over Tuition Fee Refund

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.07.29 16:25 조회27

While the demand for tuition refunds by college students due to COVID-19 is intensifying, the president of CNU has said the university would find a way to provide monetary support to students.

The proposed support is noteworthy considering the fact that President Jeong is the chairperson of the National Council for National Universities of Korea and no other public or national universities have responded to students' requests for tuition refunds. It was the first time that a president of a national university held an open discussion with students on the tuition issue, which makes it worth noting how such transparent dialogue might affect the other national universities.

Specifically, President Jeong attended a meeting held on the steps in front of the CNU Library at 5 p.m. on July 1st with 80 students from all levels, representatives of each department, the Central Steering Committee, and the Federation of Students’ Clubs. The university held a briefing session for students with explanations on the school’s status in areas such as quarantine response measures, university administration and finances, all of which was followed by a question-and-answer session.

President Jeong said, “It is, practically speaking, very difficult to secure extra budget from the tuition fee. However, we will find a way to support students in the form of disaster relief and by other means to get through this difficult time together.”

“The university budget is mostly used for fixed expenses such as facility maintenance and labor costs. Meanwhile, the university is having financial difficulties due to the decrease of revenues through channels such as dormitory rents and language class tuition fees because of the COVID-19 crisis. However, I will scrape together what I can from all available budgets, such as project costs, which have been put on hold, and work together with the staff to find solutions and take measures to alleviate the difficulties of students.”