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Efforts to Improve the Quality of Online Courses through Sharing Exemplary Classes

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.09.18 13:32 조회21

CNU has sought to improve the quality of online classes and improve student satisfaction by discovering and sharing examples of exemplary online classes in the COVID-19 era.

After the two-week competition period, CNU selected excellent examples of online classes for the first semester of 2020 through the self-recommendation of departments and student surveys and awarded the teachers on the August 24th.

The results are as follows: Professor Yoo Seok-bong (Department of Software Engineering) was selected as the best case in the field of instruction focusing on video content, and 6 other professors including Professor Park Hyun-young (Department of Nursing), Professor Yang Hyun-joo (Department of Nursing), Professor Jeong Ju-ri (Department of Education), Professor Hwang In-kag (Department of Physics), Lecturer Yang Dong-ok (Department of Psychology), and Lecturer Kim Hyun-gu (Department of Philosophy) were also selected as excellent cases. In addition, Professor Joo Hayoung (Department of Art) was selected as the best case the real-time interactive classes while Professor Choi Byeong-ju (Faculty of Earth System and Environmental Sciences) and Professor Lee Ji-soo (Department of Library and Information Science) were also selected as best exemplars. Professor Kim Nam-gi (Department of Industrial Engineering) was selected as the best case in the category of experiments and practical classes, and Professor Noh Yeol (Faculty of Earth System and Environmental Sciences) and Professor Chin Goo-Bok (Division of Animal Science) were selected as the representative examples, too.

CNU will promote the quality of online classes by disseminating excellent examples through sharing these exemplary practices on the university’s website.
In addition, the university will support faculty in an effort to share the know-how of video content production for close contact with students in an online environment, customized feedback and communication methods for learners, and a user’s guide for video production tools to improve the sense of reality in experimental and practical subjects.

President Jeong said, “There are pioneers of ‘untact’ education in the ‘new normal’ era of COVID-19, for whom we have a greater expectation given the improved quality and development of CNU’s excellent online curricula. By sharing the best practices with teachers in the future, the second semester will be even better with blended online-offline classes. We will thoroughly prepare for systematic and high-quality education.”