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CNU Promotes Designation of Works of Doeun as a National Cultural Property (National Treasure)

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.09.18 13:39 조회33

Do-eun Lee Sung-in's poetry collection, Works of Do-eun (陶隱先生集), owned by CNU Library, has been designated as a tangible cultural property of Gwangju. In addition, CNU supports the designation of the document as a National Cultural Property (National Treasure).

Works of Do-eun is a collection of poetry and prose written by Do-eun Lee Sung-in (1347-1392), a member of Sam-eun in the late Goryeo Dynasty. It consists of a poetry collection in sections 1-3 and prose collections in volume 4-5. Each section (卷) is equivalent to the modern “chapter” that represents a classification of contents. In other words, Works of Doeun is a book with poetry collections in chapters 1-3 and prose collection in chapters 4-5.

The book was published in 1406 under the order of King Taejong of the Joseon Dynasty, and it is the first book published under the name of the king of the Joseon Dynasty. It is a very rare, old book, another volume of which was designated as National Treasure no. 1465 in 2006.

In particular, the volume CNU owns has been evaluated as being more precious, as it contains an intact foreword and epilogue of Chinese scholars, which are not in the other edition, itself a national treasure.
Accordingly, Gwangju Metropolitan City highly valued the historical and academic importance of Works of Do-eun by designating it as Gwangju City Tangible Cultural Property No. 30 and applying for its designation as a National Cultural Property (National Treasure) through the Cultural Heritage Administration.
Professor Jang Woo-kwon, the Director of the CNU Library, said, “We will display Works of Do-eun, the designated cultural property of Gwangju, in the CNU Library and provide the original text online. We will continue to discover valuable materials and share them with researchers and local residents.”