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CNU and Gwangju City Cooperate for Humanities City Project

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.09.18 13:43 조회48

CNU was selected for the '2020 Humanities City Support Project' governed by the Ministry of Education, a project through which the university will work together with the Gwangju Metropolitan City government to facilitate humanities studies in the city.

CNU and Gwangju Metropolitan City applied for the project with a plan to brand Gwangju as a city of light, arts, and culture under the theme of ‘Gwangju, the City of Humanities with a Network of Light,’ and the two were selected as a project operator by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation. The project team will receive governmental funds of 420 million KRW for three years.

Accordingly, CNU decided to launch the Humanities City Gwangju Project Team and build a network of experts and citizens, crossing the boundaries of academic domains within humanities studies, such as philosophy, literature, and history, and also between the arts and sciences.

For this purpose, the project team set up detailed plans, categorized them into four areas, and conduct various programs under the theme selected. ▲ In the area of humanities, Gwangju will be branded as a city of the humanities through humanities programs such as a contest for recorded images of Gwangju through photo and video contests. ▲ The humanities lecture programs will support humanities lectures through the Free University of Gwangju, humanities lectures for citizens and the youth, and club activities. ▲The humanities experience programs offer experimental activities for networks such as Human Obscura, Humanities Fireflies, and themed programs combining people, places, and art. ▲In the humanities festival area, the project will hold a festival where people can witness the process and results of the project.