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Honorary Graduation Certificates Awarded to 501 Graduates from Predecessor of CNU

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.09.18 13:46 조회63

CNU conferred honorary graduation certificates to those who graduated from predecessor schools of CNU and asked them to have pride in their positions as CNU alumni.

CNU awarded honorary graduation certificates to 501 graduates from predecessor schools and two people of merit in independence at CNU’s Yeosu Campus on August 24. The graduation certificates were received by 5 representatives to prevent the infection of COVID-19 and the other recipients received their certificates by mail.
On the ceremony day, the grandson and son of Park No-woon and Hwang Byeong-ik, respectively, who are both men of merit for independence and graduates of Yeosu Fisheries High School attended the ceremony as representatives. The other three representatives, Im Sang-taek who graduated from Yeosu Fisheries High School and, Park Eui-cheol and Jeong Jun-ho, who graduated from Yeosu Professional Fisheries High School, attended the ceremony by themselves to receive the honorary graduation certificates.

CNU has decided to award honorary graduation certificates to those who graduated from the 30 predecessor schools, including Gwangju Agricultural School (1907) and Yeosu Public Simplified Fisheries School (1917). Those who are eligible can apply through CNU Alumni Associations.