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Kumho Asiana Group Contributed 600 Million Won to CNU- Pledged to Donate 3 Billion Won in Total by 2005

작성자 작성일2004.10.11 09:44 조회2294


Kumho Asiana Group (Chairman & CEO: Park Sam-koo) made generous contributions of 600 million won (approx. US$520,000) for the CNU Development Funds. On September 16, Oh Se-chul, President & CEO/MOB of Kumho Tires Co., Inc., paid a visit to President Kang Jung Chaee on behalf of Group Chairman Park Sam-koo and gave the gift money to President Kang. Before Korea plunged into a foreign exchange crisis, Kumho Group pledged to contribute 3 billion won to CNU. To date, Kumho Group has made contributions of 2.4 billion won. The donation of Kumho Group will amount up to 3 billion won next year.
In a ceremony held for the donation, President Kang Jung Chaee expressed his heartfelt thanks to Kumho Asiana Group.
"Many business entities are suffering from financial difficulties these days. Under this hard situation, Kumho made generous contributions for the development of bio-technology and the cultivation of human resources. I'm looking forward to a long future of continuing success of Kumho Group and close relations between Kumho and CNU," said Kang.
Chairman Park Sam-koo conveyed his greetings to President Kang via Oh Se-chul. "Kumho Group has been continuously growing into a leading industrial company in Korea with the supports of Gwangju and Jeonnam residents. We will make every effort for the development of Gwangju and Jeonnam in the future. I feel so glad that I can give a help for the young students of the region." Including Oh Se-chul, President & CEO/MOB of Kumho Tires Co., Inc., Nah Jong-eui, Kim Byong-seop, Lee Hyo-beom, and Chung Sa-hyun of the Kumno Asaina Group attended the ceremony.