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A Project for the University Identification Standards Is Afoot

작성자 작성일2004.10.11 09:45 조회2227
CNU has steadily builta reputation as one of the leading institutions of higher education in Korea and continues to gain in international stature. The \"University Identification Standards (UIS)\" creating and controlling a carefully structured system of registered logos, wordmarks, and trademarks has played a key role in helping to build positive public perception and recognitions of the University. To ensure consistency in the appearance of external communications materials representing CNU, CNU initiated a project for the University Identification Standards (UIS) last year. In December 2003, a committee was set up for the UIS project and in March this year the second meeting of the committee was held. After deliberations on the budget proposal for the UIS project, the budget has been approved. The University will commission a tendering party to conduct a comprehensive study of CNU and exterior signage at the University and to develop recommendations for the establishment of a new signage system and standards for its implementation. Through competitive bidding, the three final contenders will be selected and the lowest bidder against the university budget will be finally selected. The UIS project is designed to set CNU
s publications apart from those of other institutions, identifying each communication piece as one aspect of the widely varied programs and endeavors which make up the whole of the University. The project contains standards defining use of the University
s name, logo, and other distinctive visual identifiers. Also outlined in this project are specific design standards applicable to a wide variety of publications, including electronic. These standards apply to all branch campuses, colleges, departments, offices, centers, units, and sub-units of the University which are recognized as official components of CNU. CNU put a bidding advertisement in daily newspapers on September 18. The advertisement was posted on the web sites of the University and Public Procurement Service on September 16. Tendering parties can view the invitation for bids registered with the Government e-Procurement System at the web site. An explanation meeting for the project was held at the grand meeting room on the 3rd floor of the University Administration Bldg. at 3 p.m., September 24. Bidding application deadlines are due on October 11 (5 p.m.). Bidders winning the first-round competition will be announced on November 5. After taking opinion polls and intensive discussions on the matter to adopt a brand new symbol and characters, the University will determine its policy regarding implementation of the graphic identification project.