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CNU Distinguishes itself as the Nation<br>s Leading Arts University

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The graduates from the Department of Fine Arts (Major of Carving & Modeling) have won a sweeping victory at the 23rd Korean Arts Competition. According to the department, a total of six winners (one winner of the excellence award and five winners of the special recognition prizes) have been selected to receive the awards of carving & modeling category of the Competition. Of the six winners, three are CNU graduates including the winner of the excellence award.
Im Tae-bong, 26, a graduate of the Department of Fine Arts, presented his artwork titled 'The Great Female General under Heaven' and has been selected as the winner of the Award of Excellence. Chang Sung-hoon and Shim Eun-seok were selected as the winners of the Special Recognition Awards with their artworks of 'I Kiss' and 'Red Eyes.'
Regarding outstanding achievements of the fine arts graduates, it is said that the well-refined curriculum to enable students to create and implement fine arts programs such as team teaching and small group activities promoted learning among students. The competition winners agreed that the classes focusing on basic theory and modeling skills have produced good results.
Im Tae-bong, winner of the Award of Excellence, tried to express the improvement of women's social status in his artwork of 'The Great Female General under Heaven' made of stainless steel.
Im said, "I graduated in last February. I don't know what to say I was selected to receive the award at the national arts competition. I am so much happy to give thanks to my parents with the prize. I would like to thank professors and instructors who taught me. I will exert efforts to present better works in the future."
In 2002, Im was awarded the encouragement prize at the Korean Figurative Arts Competition and in 2003 he was selected as a prize winner at Danwon Arts Competition and Korean Modern Arts Competition.
The 12th Pansori Contest for the national singer Lim Bang-ul was held in early September. Joo So-yeon, 37, who graduated from the Department of Korean Traditional Music, was granted the Presidential Pansori Award at the contest. Hong Eun-jin and Lee So-yeon, who are on temporary leave from the department, have been selected as the winner of the grand prize and the winner of the best pansori singer award respectively.
Pansori is a traditional Korean art form combining storytelling and music. Popular epic tales tell stories of gods and devils, dreams and nightmares, sorrow, joy, anger and pleasure. A performer is both a singer and impassioned actor, playing all of the characters in the story. The action is driven by a master percussionist. At the contest, Joo So-yeon performed an excerpt called 'Tarubi' of "Simchongga (The Song of Simchong)."Joo studied Pansori under famous masters including Cho Sang-hyun, Park Jung-rye, Sung Chang-ryul, and Nam Hae-sung. Joo was awarded the second prize at the same contest held in 2003.