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Average Competition Rate of 5.29:1 Marked at the Early Admittance Program for the 2005 Academic Year

작성자 작성일2004.10.29 16:54 조회2235
At the irregular selection of freshmen for the 2005 academic year, the average competition rate stood at 5.29:1. The online applications have been accepted for four days from October 11 through 14. The number of applicants reached 8,102, which is over five times of the 1,533 total intake quotas for the next year. The figure increased about 52.8 percent points over the year 2004, whose applicants reached 5,301 (4.13:1). Through the early admittance program for the 2005academic year, CNU recruits 1,533 students, which amounts up to 40 percent of the total admission quota (4,291). The irregular recruitment methods consist of three categories: a selection based on recommendations from high school principals or teachers (1,460 students), a selection of students with special talents (54), and university autonomous selection (19).For the selection based on recommendations from high school principals or teachers, 7,857 applicants submitted their applications and the competition rate stood at 5.38:1. As for the selection of students with special talents, the competition rate marked 2.07:1. For the selection of male students for the department of nursing science, the competition rate stood at 10:1. The applicant screening procedures of the 2005 Early Admittance Program will have two stages: first selection based on applicants
school records and second based on interview scores. The final selection will be decided by the results of the first screening scores (60%) and interview scores (40%). The list of the successful candidates selected through the first screening stage will be announced on November 19 and the interview tests will be given on December 3. On December 17, the results of the final selection will be announced. Applicants
high school records gain more importance than before. The student records will be reflected with different percentages of consideration in the admission decision. As for the early admittance program, the student records will be reflected depending on the course grades they received for three years. The first year records of the whole courses, ranging from Korean, English, mathematics, social studies (including Korean History), science, ethics, manual training, through home education, will be reviewed. The second and third year records will be reviewed according to applicants
faculties and colleges. The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences will review applicants
records in Korean, English, math, and social study courses. The Division of Natural Sciences will review applicants
records in Korean, English, math, and science courses. The Faculty of General Majors will review applicants
records in Korean, English, and math. For the 2005 academic year, CNU will select more students through its early admittance program. Under the CNU
s 2005 Admission Plan, the quota for the early admittance program will increase up to 40 percent of the total recruitment quota (30 percent in 2004). Through the regular admittance program, consisting of the two different group selections (
), 60 percent of the recruitment quota (20 percent through the group
selection and 40 percent through the group
selection) will be selected. The followings are the competition rate of each college and department: School of Biological Sciences and Technology 5.27:1 (174 over 33) College of Business Administration 2.9:1 (473applicants over the quota of 163)College of Engineering 4.13:1 (1,583 over 382)College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 5.1:1 (975 over 191)College of Law 5.11:1 (450 over 88) College of Education 8.32:1 (859 over 103) College of Social Sciences 7.17:1 (582 over 81) College of Human Ecology 6.28:1 (364 over 58)College of Pharmacy - 13.61:1 (245 over 18) Dept. of Nursing, College of Medicine 12.47:1 (212 over 17) College of Humanities 5.35:1 (744 over 139) College of Natural Sciences 6.40:1 (1,196 over 187)Department of Pharmacy 13.61:1 (245 over 18) Department of Pre-medicine 8.89:1 Department of Pre-veterinary Medicine 7.53:1 Department of English Education 9:1 Department of Mathematics Education 9.9:1 Department of Architecture 5.77:1 Department of Agricultural Economics 7:1 Department of Communication 8:1 Department of Library & Information Science 8.91:1 Department of Nursing 12.47:1 Department of English Language & Literature 8.05:1 Department of Korean Language & Literature 5.53:1 Department of Biology 7.14:1