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Life at CNU

President Kang Jung Chaee Releases a Monthly Report of Expenditure at Yongbong Armi (CNU<br>s Intranet)

작성자 작성일2004.10.29 16:48 조회2349

President Kang Jung Chaee reveals a report of expenditure for his business expense activities. On October 8, President Kang uploaded a report of expenditure used from his inauguration through the end of September at Yongbong Armi, CNU's Intranet. For the transparency in expending university funds, Kang will pledge to open a monthly report at the beginning of each month. The report includes details of expenditures for business expense activities related to educational, research, or public service mission of the University, with the amounts spent and the date as well. Since September, the University Administration has posted executive staff meeting documents, which allowed every faculty and staff member to know the matters discussed and decisions made at the meetings. President Kang said, "As a way to keep the transparency of the university funds expending, collected from taxes and students
tuition fees, I decided to open the expenditure report. Any expenditure must be consistent with the policies and procedures of the University and adhere to reasonable and prudent business principals. I believe these efforts will lead to the trust in the university administration and further to the pride on our university."