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s 4-Year Dental Graduate School Accepts Applications on Oct. 18-29

작성자 작성일2004.10.29 16:55 조회2102
CNU launches a professional graduate school program for training dentists from the academic year of 2005. Existing pre-dentistry department system was discontinued in 2003 and instead a four-year professional graduate school program (four-year undergraduate course+four-year professional graduate course) is introduced. For the 2005 academic year, the Dental Graduate School recruits 70 freshmen students. Under the new system, all college graduates will be able to enter the four-year professional dental course, after successfully passing the Dental Education Eligibility Test (DEET). Applications are being accepted through mailing (Oct. 18 27) and visiting (Oct. 28 29) at CNU
s Hakdong Campus. CNU allows its graduates and national examination passers to be admitted through the screening procedures to the new dental graduate school. The School will recruit 70 freshmen students for the 2005 academic year. Under the new system, graduates with bachelor
s degrees and a certain level of GPA will be able to enter the four-year professional dental course regardless of their majors, after successfully passing the Dental Education Eligibility Test (DEET) and TOEFL. Through this regular admission program, over 56 freshmen students will be selected. CNU also provides a special admission program for its graduates and national examination passers such as National Law Exam, National Exam of Foreign Affairs Officials, National Exam of Administrative Officials, CPA exams, and patent attorney exams. They will be admitted to the School within certain limits of intake quota (less than 14). More than 11 seats will be given to CNU graduates and the rest available quota will be granted to national examination passers. The applicant screening procedures will be divided into two steps. The first selection will be based on applicants
points of DEET (GPA 20% + DEET 40% + TOEFL 40%). The final selection will be decided by the results of the first screening scores (70%) and interview scores (30%). The interview tests, scheduled to be given on November 23, will evaluate applicants
visions for educational equity and excellence to achieve high academic performance and professional competencies to plan, organize and implement comprehensive programs, based on their bibliographies, award-winning histories, and high school records, etc. The College of Dentistry completed its second new building and has prepared for the transformation into the Dental Graduate School System. Currently another building for dental hospital with clinical laboratories and advanced medical equipments is being built on Yongbong campus on the area of 2,270 pyongs. The buildings will serve as the home for the top-ranked dental department and a new four-year dental school system that will be open to all college graduates. With the completion of the new building, the College will advance and promote the dental profession and provide better services to the public through research and development, member training and education, technical advices and assistances, and mutual cooperation among the members.