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The present day design of Chonnam National University's official emblem was the result of a campus wide competition held in 1955. All members of CNU were invited to assist in the selection of the winning design. First prize and the winning entry was submitted by Mr. Suh Sang-hak, a junior in the Department of Korean Literature.

Shapes in the emblem are arranged so as to show the letter "U", the initial for the word 'university', and it symbolizes the spirit of the university. The letter on the upper left part stands for the initial alphabet of "국립", which means the national foundation of the University. The letter of the right side and the letter of the lower left part stand for the initial sound of "" and "" respectively. "전남" represents the location of this university. The letter of "" symbolizes the spirit of all the members of the University toward future development. "" symbolizes strength, stability, and harmony. "" symbolizes the community in which the University will search for truth, creativity and contributions to Korea and the world.The color of the letter is yellow, meaning bright light and a promising future. The background color is light brown. The green leaves of the laurel tree symbolize victory in overcoming ignorance and their number corresponds to the number of colleges of the University. Finally the ripening fruits of red between the leaves symbolize academic enthusiasm and accomplishment.