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About CNU
WELCOME to Chonnam National University!
President of Chonnam National University
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Chonnam National University ("CNU") is a reservoir of intelligence and academic achievement which has both led the course of Korean history and inspired the modern era of Korea. In 1952, within the ruin and chaos of the Korean War, CNU first opened its doors and declared, "It is the university that cultivates talent that protects the country."

We have been on the front lines of protecting the universal values of Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace during these changing times. We have never feared oppression or hardship. Under the university moto of "Truth, Creativity, and Service," we have cultivated talent, promoted wisdom and knowledge, and have never stopped being a cornerstone of regional and national development.

Now, we are facing a super-connected society due to rapid developments in the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). We are also living in uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This era mandates that we go beyond conventional standards and norms to rise to these modern challenges. This is a time of tremendous fluctuation where everything, from individual lives to the world order, is changing at a breathtaking speed.

CNU will be the first to welcome these changes. We will innovate our educational system to prepare for the future, thereby evolving into an institution that is ready for whatever the coming days and years may bring. We will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the post-COVID-19 era by cultivating talented graduates who will be infused with creativity, empathy, and community spirit.

As we move forward, we will further solidify our position as a prestigious, research-oriented university. We will support researchers at every step, from the inception of ideas to their application in the commercial arena, so that we will, hopefully, produce our own Nobel laureates by our 100th anniversary.

As a university with partnerships with more than 557 universities and organizations in 62 countries, we will soar even higher and more vigorously into the future. We will continue to provide all the academic subjects one expects to find in a first-rate institution, utilizing our more than 100 departments. We will cultivate CNU talent to produce ever more accomplished individuals who can successfully compete with the graduates of other world-class institutions.

We will be an academic community that shares its advanced knowledge and scientific technology with local communities through cooperation. Our talented graduates will become the first gear in motion that creates a community which leads innovation in our region. We are CNU: where confidence and freedom soar!

Please join us at every step as we advance in strength and dignity along the path of innovation and community leadership.