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Graduate School of Business

The Global MBA curriculum is composed of foundations, cores, and electives. Foundation subjects are a pre-requisite for non-business major students. Core subjects are mandatory for every student to become a professional business leader. Students also choose to take 7 electives based on personal preference and career path. During their last semester, students take on the Capstone Project, through which they compile their knowledge and field training experience during the MBA course. Such a systematic curriculum enables students to be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge, in-depth expertise, and comprehensive and practical perspectives essential to become qualified business leaders.

The MOT MBA course consists of core subjects and elective subjects. The core subjects teach students basics in the management of technology as well as problem-solving skills in their specialized fields. The elective subjects teach practical skills and research skills. Through this program, students will be able to commercialize technology by combining expertise in technology and business administration.

Educational Goals

  • Practical Management Education: Prepare students with practical capabilities through case studies requiring problem-solving and decision-making skills, project-based learning and internships.
  • Global Orientation: Provide students with opportunities to study abroad through academic exchanges and collaborative projects with leading MBA programs in Asia, Europe, and the USA. In addition, students will be provided with foreign language education, global experiences through interaction with international students, student exchange programs, and lectures by distinguished scholars in the field
  • Interdisciplinary Training: Equip students with skills, knowledge, and leadership as well-rounded business managers in corporate management in such areas as finance, accounting, human resources and organization, marketing, production/operations, management information systems, and international business.

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