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School of Dentistry

The CNU School of Dentistry has grown rapidly since its establishment in 1980. By 2017, the School has seen graduates totaling 2,354 students with D.D.S degrees, and 1,035 students with M.S.D or Ph.D. degrees
The School of Dentistry has secured ultra-modern facilities required for research, education, and clinical practice. The main school building is located at the Yongbong campus, and accommodates ample facilities for lectures and clinical practice. A comprehensive Dental Care Center for students dental practice is also now fully operational. The second building is also located at the Yongbong campus and is equipped with cutting-edge experimental facilities and equipment for fundamental research for dental science.
The School of Dentistry consists of excellent faculty members and brilliant students. The school’s faculty members ranked among the highest nationally in securing research funds. The research capacity of the faculty members is respectfully recognized by the dental research community. The faculty members work hard to make CNU School of Dentistry one of the best in the nation, and strive to be recognized internationally as well.

Recently, the academic system of the School of Dentistry was reorganized into a Professional Graduate School of Dental Science for the purpose of producing more qualified dental professionals. The reorganization, in part, involved the transformation of the existing academic system of two years of Pre-Dental Studies and an additional four years of Dental Studies into a new system of Dental Studies for four years at the master’s level. The new Professional Graduate School of Dental Science admits bachelor’s degree holders from various disciplines and then aims to train them to become excellent oral health professionals.
In 2014, pre-dental course was opened and the first 35 high school graduate students joined this course. The newly opened pre-dental course was consisted with 3-years of undergraduate curriculums. The students who have successfully finished this course will automatically join the Professional Graduate School of Dental Science.
It is the School of Dentistry’s mission to be a partner with students in achieving academic excellence, providing the best oral healthcare, and engaging in creative endeavors to improve the health of members of the local community and the country as a whole.

    The School of Dentistry aims to :
  • Acquire fundamental knowledge and skills for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases related to the oral and maxillofacial organs and tissues.
  • Train students to become creative and motivated dentists and dental scholars.
  • Provide oral health services for members of the local community and country as a whole.

The faculty members and personnel of the school will utilize all available capacities and resources for the successful launch of the Professional Graduate School of Dental Science, and remain committed to excellence for Dental Studies at the graduate level.

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