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  • Those who wish to withdraw from the school have to submit a request for withdrawal and receive approvals from one's undergraduate/graduate college and the President.
  • Fill out a Request of Withdrawal (a prescribed form of our school) → submit it to the administrative office of one's college.


  • Those who do not complete course registration within the enrollment period which follows a student's leave of absence.
  • Those students with double registration (a university other than CNU)
  • Those who fail to pay their tuition fees during the enrollment period.
  • Those who fail to complete course requirements within the time frame of maximum academic years.
  • Those students with three academic warnings.
    ※ Those who have changes on your academic records such as, leave of absence, re-enrollment, withdrawal or dismiss, you have to notify your PIC at OIA of changed items for your re-entrance in Korea to study abroad or have a job.