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Department of Architecture

Supervisors are assigned to students based on the preferences of both students and faculty members. Faculty members are limited to supervising up to 5 master’s degree candidates and 3 Ph.D. candidates. Faculty members may not teach more than 2 courses per semester with the exception of jointly taught courses. Students may earn up to 9 credits each semester. Master’s degree candidates must earn a total of 24 credits, of which 12 must be from the department. Ph.D. candidates are required to earn at least 18 credits from the department.

A foreign language examination is required for all graduate students. Students will have to present a thesis plan before submitting the actual thesis. Supervisors will sit on a thesis supervision committee 6 months prior to submission of a master’s degree thesis and 1 year before submission of a Ph.D. thesis


Students may receive scholarships and funding to pursue educational opportunities overseas. Upon graduation, they may pursue careers in the architecture design sector, architecture construction sector, architecture structure sector, and architecture safety diagnosis office, in public and private institutes, and with public companies such as the Korea National Housing Corporation and Ministry of Construction and Transportation.

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