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Life at CNU

CNU Press and Broadcasting Center

The CNU Press and Broadcasting Center (CNUPBC) was established in 1995 to promote communication and generate public opinions on campus issues through the consolidation of the three existing campus news media: The Chonnam National University Weekly, Chonnam Tribune, and Chonnam National University Broadcasting. In addition, the Yeosu branch on the Yeosu campus was established from the integration of CNU and Yeosu National University on March 1, 2006. The Chonnam National University Weekly , a Korean newspaper, has been in circulation since 1954. In celebration of its foundation, it has held a literary contest every year since 1970. The Chonnam Tribune, a bimonthly English magazine, was initially published monthly in tabloid form in 1968. It was converted into a 32-page quarterly magazine format in 1995, and is currently being issued bimonthly as a 36-page magazine. To commemorate the anniversary of its foundation, it holds the English Essay Contest each year. Chonnam National University Broadcasting has been broadcasting a variety of programs such as campus news and music since 1967, and has held the Yongbong Song Festival annually since 1972. The CNUPBC revised its website introducing a new domain name CONG (, an abbreviation of CNU Opinion and News Gate, on March 2, 2007. Now, the center plays an essential role of providing accurate and reliable news and useful information, initiating common agendas, and promoting open dialogue within the regional community as well as within the CNU community.

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