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Life at CNU

Language Education Center

Schedule for Regular Korean Classes

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>Schedule for Regular Korean Classes
Session Term Placement Test
Spring Mar. 5 ~ May. 11 Feb. 29
Summer Jun. 4. ~ Aug. 10 May. 30
Fall Aug. 27 ~ Dec. 2 Aug. 22
Winter Nov. 26 ~ Feb. 1. 2013 Dec. 21


  • Session: 4 Sessions a year (10 weeks per semester), 200 hours a session (5 days a week, 4 hours of a day)
  • Levels: Beginner (Level 1), Basic (Level 2), Intermediate (Level. 3, 4), Advanced (Level 5, 6)
  • Class hours: Mon- Fri 9:00 - 12:50, 13:00 - 16:50 (5 days/20 hours a week)
  • Class: Conversation, Grammar, Reading/Listening Comprehension, Writing
  • How to Enter: For international students in Korea visit LEC In person before semester starts → fill out entrance application → pay tuition

Facility Information

  • Global Lounge: Used for language/culture exchange between international students in Korean classes and Korean Language Supporters
  • English Lounge: Used for Increasing English proficiency by providing a space for speaking English
  • Video Media Room.: Used for English learning through watching sitcoms documentary films and other DVD media

Contact Information

University Computing Center

How to Use Open Computer Rooms

  • Computer rooms: Room No. 109
  • Opening hours: 9:00- 21:00

Help Desk

The center operates an IT Help Desk to provide technical support to troubleshoot the Integrated Information System, network and software while using IT resources on campus.

Contact Information

  • Location : You can find this center between White Library and Engineering College 2nd Building. It provides various internet services using intra-network and information system.
  • Tel : PC Hospital, Room 105 in University Computing Center / +82-62-530-3681~2
  • Website :

Gymnasium/Sports Facilities


Fitness, Golf, Yoga, Jazz Dance, Badminton, Dance Sports, etc

How to Register

join the facility membership → pay membership → complete registration

Facility guide

  • 1st : Yoga, Admin office, Multi-purpose room, Exercise room, Indoor gym
  • 2nd : Fitness Center
  • 3rd : Multi-purpose Auditorium

Contact Information