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Life at CNU

National Health Insurance vs. Travelers' Insurance

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National Health Insurance vs. Travelers' Insurance
National Health Insurance Travelers' Insurance
Who to join
  • Recommended for those who have spouse / dependent(s)
  • Those who need frequent medical services
  • Those who have family members with chronic disease {hyper-tension, diabetes, cardiac disorder, kidney diseases)
    * Paid per household regardless of the number of family members
  • Foreigners during stay in Korea
  • Those who do not need frequent medical services
Who to join The initial date of entrance in Korea At all times
Fee KRW 71,800 per a month (as of 2010) Varies among insurance companies/programs: about KRW 120,000 a year
When to pay Paid three month in advance Paid a year in advance (usually)
Termination Not available until leaving Korea Payment of actual expense available depending program
* Please inquire insurance managers of details.
Termination Web site:
Customer ctr Tel. 1577-1000
Gwangju. North Div Tel. 062-659-0120
Make inquiries at each insurance company

Group Insurance Program for International Students

International students are required to join an insurance program during their stay at Chonnam National University, and the application is available at the Office of International Affairs at the beginning of every semester

Medicare Center

  • First year students an apply for Dormitory Building 9 or one among 3-6.
  • Go to the dormitory website → Register as a member/login → Dormitory application(select building and room type (short/long-term) → Complete application (you will be able to print out a bill receipt for dormitory fee) → : Make payment (by the due date / via online account number, specified on the bill)
  • Acknowledgement: Please make payment(s) within the period swed on the bill, or room applications will be automatically canceled.

Medical Check

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Gwangju campus: 2nd floor on Student Union Bldg, 1. Yeosu campus: 3rd floor of Student Union Bldg.

General Medical Support

  • Equipped with diagnosis room, oral health room, medicine room, clinical lab/inspection room, X-ray room, and other medical equipments e.g. automatic analysis system, diagnosis available everyday by full-time doctors
  • Opening hours: Mon - Fri (Including vacation periods)
  • Referral: You can ask fur a referral from doctor in charge if you need further medical assistance. (not available for medical certificates)
  • Inquiries
    • Gwangju campus / Tel. +82-62-530-3600~11
    • Yeosu campus / Tel. +82-62-530-3600

Dental Support

  • Available support: scaling, oral inspection, simple support (except for pull-out, dental prosthesis, nerve treatment)
  • Opening hours Scaling: Mon - Fri (including vacation periods, reservation needed) Cavity treatment: available by dentil doctors at CNU Dental Hospital every Wednesday
  • How to use: make reservation- visit dental center (pre-payment required for scaling)
  • Inquiries : Dental Center in Medicare Centers / Tel. +82-62-530-3607

Medical Check

  • Various medical checks available for new incoming students, current enrolled students, dormitory residents, exchange students
  • Areas of check: chest X-ray, B-type hepatitis substance test, anemia test, urine test, BMI measurement, blood pressure measurement, oral inspection, eyesight measurement
  • Result check: You can check the result for your medical check on CNU portal site by yourself.
  • Inquiries : Medicare Center / Tel.+82-62-530-3605~6


  • It is located in the Medicare Center and provides various services such as preparation upon prescription, counseling regarding taking medicine, selling general medicine, medication for free, lending first-aid kit.
  • Inquiries : Pharmacy in Medicare Center / Tel. +82-62-530-3611