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Life at CNU


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Building Structure

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Building Structure
Type Amenities
Floor 10 to 15, Bldg. 9A~D
(Behind College of Art)
  • Room Type
    • studio style (two persons per room)
    • apartment style {houses with 3 rooms, 2 persons per room) Details
    • Individual floor heating and automatic controlled ceiling-type air conditioning in each unit
    • Shower and washroom, combination locks, furniture.
    • Cafeteria, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.
Bldg. 3~6
(Nearby College of Engineering)
  • Type: studio style (two persons per room)
  • Central Heating and air conditioning
  • Facilities: lounge, shower rooms, laundry room, study room, kitchen
Bldg. 8
(Behind College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  • type: apartment style (houses with 3 rooms 2 persons per room)
  • Central heating and Individual air conditioning
  • Facilities: PC Cafe, lounge, shower rooms, laundry rooms, study room, fitness room

Dormitory Fees

모바일환경에서는 좌우로 이동하여 테이블을 보실 수 있습니다.

In a mobile environment, you can move left and right to view the table.
Classification Total fee Deposit Dormitory fee
Bldg. 3, 4, 5 642,400 50,000 692,400
Bldg. 6 584,000 50,000 634,000
Bldg. 9-Apt type 1,271,500 50,000 1,321,500
Bldg. 9-Studio type 1,329,900 50,000 1,379,900

How to apply

  • First year students an apply for Dormitory Building 9 or one among 3-6.
  • Go to the dormitory website → Register as a member/login → Dormitory application(select building and room type (short/long-term) → Complete application (you will be able to print out a bill receipt for dormitory fee) → : Make payment (by the due date / via online account number, specified on the bill)
  • Acknowledgement: Please make payment(s) within the period swed on the bill, or room applications will be automatically canceled.

Medical Check

  • Every student bas to take a medical check before entering the dormitory at the Medicare Center of Student Union Bldg. 1.
  • B. Those who have not taken a medical check or been examined to have some contagious disease, active hepatitis or contagious skin disease (e.g., itch) are required to move in after full recovery.


  • Dormitories in Gwangju campus / Tel. +82-62-530-3739
  • Dormitories in Gwangju campus / Tel. +82-61-659-6813~4