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Life at CNU

Student Activites

CNU has more than 80 actively operating clubs in the areas of liberal arts, academics, athletics, volunteer service and religion. Each college also has specialized clubs. The CNU Club Association hosts an annual event that advertises clubs and helps freshmen get to know their own interests.

Liberal Arts

Mukhyang, Seonyul, McIntosh, CNU Choir, Soriteo Orchestra, CURI, Lotus, Orohoi, CNU Orchestra, Classical Guitar Ensemble, UCDC, Movieworld - Arirang, Open Comics - Chang, Songran Bonsai club, Namdo Tea Culture Club, People of Photographs, Yongbong Literature Club, ZOOM, Classical Music Listening Club, International Cultural Exchange Club, Byson, CNU Play Club, Sound of Torch, Agricultural Music Club, Grise - let''s draw, Highcord, Storm, We'Z


HAM, Semi-charisma, Mother Nature Preservation Club, Young Korean Academy, Reading Saranbang, Hannuri, History Garden, Japanese Conversation Club, ESU, Yumunhoi, KUSA, Korean Language, Japanese Culture Club, YMCA, Picking Stars, TIME, New Vision, Abacus and Information Culture, Computer Club, PTC, EIM, ECHO, Club of Green, LPG


P.P.P, Yello Bicycle, Taebaekhoi, CH.U.B.A, Technician, Rangdohoi, Mountain Climbing, Gukseondo, GRIP, Montage, DOVE, Baseball Club, SEA-POX, Shin


Shinhaeng, Rotary, Youth-Hostel, Dure, Hope Night School, Cheongsa


Buddhist Student Club, Catholic Student Club, Won Buddhist Student Club, Jeungsangdo Student Club, ACT, CGM, CLF, COC, DSM, ENM, ERC, SCE, UBF, Youth With a Mission, CCC, ESF, IVF, SFC