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Life at CNU

Student ID Card Issue (Smart Card)

  • The student ID card will be issued once a foreign registration number has been given from the Immigration Office.
  • Student ID card
    • When to apply: Once you have received your student ID
    • How to apply: submit a copy of your photo to the PIC in OIA → go to the portal site at ( during the student ID card application period → sign in → Service Desk → Smart card → Apply Smart card
    • Re-issue application: Please contact OS Service Center at 530-1054/1055
    • Pick-up: available at each department office
    • Inquiries : OIA (Graduate: +82-62-530-1275, Undergraduate: +82-62-530-1274)
  • You can enter/use major facilities with the card and it also carries a debit card function, which can be activated though your application at Gwangju Bank, located on the first floor of the Student Union Bldg 1 or near the courtyard of dormitory 9.