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Wireless LAN

  • Chonnam National University's Wireless LAN service supports the use of wireless Internet in various mobile devices and laptops to school members.
  • Wireless LAN user authentication is linked to Chonnam National University's portal system, so wireless internet can be used without a separate registration procedure.
  • First users to connect to Chonnam National University's wireless LAN can use it immediately by selecting "JNU_WiFi_info" from the network list to configure the configuration settings.

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Wireless LAN
network sorting(SSID) authentication method Description


No authentication required SSID for the purpose that guides you through how to set up the wireless LAN.
Select only on initial setup.
If you select SSID and attempt to connect to Naver, etc. after the browser is launched, the information page appears.


Automatic Device

OS-specific manuals This is a wireless LAN service provided to faculty, students, and researchers of an institution that is subscribed to "eduroam" an international wireless LAN roaming service for educational research institutes.
(available in more than 11,492 universities and research institutes in 106 countries.)
Chonnam National University is subscribed to the eduroam service, so it can be used not only on campus but also on visits to other universities in Korea and abroad without any additional procedures.
The methods of certification vary from university to university, and the information on access methods described is for the faculty and students of Chonnam National University, and members of other universities should follow the instructions on how to use their universities.
Windows 10
JNU Same authentication method as eduroam Only members of Chonnam National University can use the service.
(If you set up the eduroam, the JNU is set at the same time, so no separate setup is required.)
U+ Zone Available by entering the password "lguplus100" This is a wireless LAN service provided by LG U+.
* Other a mobile carrier WiFi settings can be used in accordance with the mobile carrier's guide.

automatic setting method

  • Step 1
    Click JNU_WiFi_info in the WiFi list.
  • Step 2
    Go to the automatic configuration site for each device, select Chonnam National University and download the appropriate settings file.
  • Step 3
    After running the file, enter [Portal ID] and Portal Password.
  • Step 4
    Connecting eduroam from WiFi list.

manual connection method

  • Step 1
    Click eduroam in the WiFi list.
  • Step 2
    Select 'PEAP' for EAP method, 'Don't validate' for CA certificate, and 'MSCHAPV2' for Phase 2 authentication.
  • Step 3
    Identity is [PortalID] and enter the portal password in Password.
  • Step 4
    Click Connect

In a mobile environment, you can move left and right to view the table.

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