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CNU, Naju City, and Korea Rural Economic Institute Promise to Cooperate for Regional Coexistence Joint Development

작성자대외협력실 작성일2023.09.15 10:25 조회381

CNU has signed a memorandum of understanding for joint development with Naju City and the Korea Rural Economic Institute.

On August 16, CNU’s President Jung, Naju City Mayor Yoon Byung-tae, and Korea Rural Economic Institute President Han Doo-bong gathered at the university’s headquarters to establish a memorandum of understanding. They agreed to collaborate based on the values of regional coexistence, focusing on the mutual development of each institution and common areas of interest.

Accordingly, these institutions have agreed to cooperate in various areas, including: ▲ Joint implementation of various projects, including the establishment of specialized strategies linked by the Ji-San Academic-Industrial Cooperation (local governments, companies, universities, research institutes) and the Global-Local University 30, ▲ Sharing and utilization of human and material resources among the institutions, and ▲ Collaboration in various fields beyond the ones mentioned above.

CNU, with its roots dating back to the founding of Gwangju Agricultural School in 1909, Naju City with a history spanning a millennium, and the Korea Rural Economic Institute, dedicated to researching rural economic issues, all share a common connection to agriculture. This commonality is expected to contribute significantly to their mutual future development.

Naju City Mayor Yoon mentioned, “CNU has a deep connection with Naju City through its agricultural farm in Bonghwang-myeon,” and he expressed the significance of establishing a foundation for concrete collaboration through this memorandum of understanding.

Korea Rural Economic Institute President Han highlighted the importance of this agreement by stating, “There was a need for an innovative model for rural areas as there were growing concerns about the decline in the rural population due to the country’s overall population decline, and this agreement is a new industry by achieving digital innovation such as the creation and operation of smart farms in addition to traditional agriculture. I expect it will be a great help in moving forward.”

President Jung of CNU emphasized , “This business agreement will be the first step not only in the Glocal University 30 Project but also in the project to overcome the crisis of regional extinction and give dreams and hope to the region.”