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Life at CNU

CNU’s Graduation Ceremony for the Second Semester: "We Encourage Limitless Challenges"

작성자대외협력실 작성일2023.09.15 10:27 조회394

CNU held its graduation ceremony for the second semester of the 2022 academic year on August 25 at Minjumaru.

On this day, the commencement ceremony was held at the combined Gwangju and Yeosu campuses and consisted of a speech by President Jung, a congratulatory address by Alumni President Cho Sung-hee, a farewell speech by the student body president, and a field trip by the graduates.
President Jung, along with key university officials and deans, awarded degrees to 1,066 bachelor's students, 460 master's students, and 128 doctoral students, and gave encouragement.

President Jung stated, "A graduation certificate is merely a ticket to entering a new era, and obtaining the right to use it requires an additional cost called effort." He then pointed out, "You may face setbacks in this process, but those setbacks will not be in vain since they will serve as a stepping stone for another challenge. We congratulate and support your new beginnings."

Choi Hee-won, a graduate from the Future Energy Engineering Convergence Major at the College of AI Convergence, expressed in her address, "Today, as I graduate, I still feel like I haven't found the answers to the questions that troubled me for the past four years. However, I am well aware that this time has laid the foundation for my growth." She added, "I will become a person who exerts a positive influence on society. I am grateful to all who have watched over my growth, including professors and family."

On this day, Minjumaru, where the graduation ceremony was held, was filled with congratulatory guests including family members, relatives, seniors, and juniors holding bouquets of flowers and gift packages, and after the ceremony was over, there were groups on campus who exchanged congratulatory greetings with graduates wearing graduation gowns and took commemorative photos. Photo zones set up here and there were crowded.
Graduates also posed for photographs to express their regret of leaving campus and also threw their graduation caps high in the sky, reaffirming their resolve for a new beginning.
Furthermore, the graduation ceremony featured prerecorded videos and congratulatory messages from family members and juniors, creating an atmosphere of celebration even in the virtual metaverse campus.