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Glocal CNU Strengthens Network with Alumni in Hanoi, Vietnam

작성자대외협력실 작성일2023.10.31 15:45 조회257

CNU is strengthening its ties with local alumni in Hanoi, Vietnam, following a similar initiative in China, enhancing its global university profile.

On September 15, a delegation from CNU, including Professor Min Jung-joon, the Vice President of Research Affairs, Professor Park Bok-jae, the Vice Mayor of CNU’s Yeosu Campus, Professor Kook Min-suk, Director of the Global Cooperation Division, and Professor Yoon Kyung-chul, the Director of Planning and Coordination at CNU Hospital, visited Hanoi to meet with local alumni, including the branch president, Nguyen Hoai Nam, who is also a graduate of CNU's Department of Education. They held a meeting and strengthened ties by sharing news from his alma mater.

The meeting brought together over 50 attendees, including local Hanoi residents and alumni residing in neighboring areas, who warmly welcomed the visiting delegation. They exchanged gifts and flowers, fostering a sense of connection to their alma mater by handing out custom-made souvenirs and flower bouquets and reminiscing about their memories at CNU while studying abroad.  
In addition, he pledged to support and actively participate in activities to strengthen the overseas alumni network along with the university's development.

There are about 500 alumni in Vietnam who graduated from CNU, and they have organized and run alumni associations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Among the alumni, Chairman Nguyen Hoai Nam is working at the Ministry of Education in Vietnam, and other alumni are known to be actively engaged in external activities, such as working as professors at local universities and at large corporations such as Samsung.