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CNU and Two Medical Schools in Vietnam Sign Business Agreement for Talent Training

작성자대외협력실 작성일2023.10.31 15:47 조회244

CNU and two prestigious medical schools in Vietnam have signed a cooperation agreement to foster bioscience talent.

A delegation from CNU, including Professor Min Jung-joon, the Vice President of Research Affairs, Professor Park Bok-jae, the Vice Mayor of CNU’s Yeosu Campus, Professor Kook Min-suk, Director of the Global Cooperation Division, and Professor Yoon Kyung-chul, the Director of Planning and Coordination at CNU Hospital, visited Vietnam from September 14 to 15. During their visit, they signed a trilateral cooperation agreement with Hanoi Medical University (HMU) and the Vietnam National University of Medicine & Pharmacy (VNU-UMP).

Both VNU-UMP and HMU are renowned medical institutions in Vietnam. Through this trilateral cooperation agreement, CNU aims to establish a collaborative framework for bioscience talent development between South Korea and Vietnam. The plan includes expanding educational and research exchanges and attracting outstanding talent from the local region.

With university officials and representatives from the partner universities including President Le Ngoc Thanh of VNU-UMP in attendance, CNU signed the agreement to cooperate on faculty and student exchanges, joint research, and attracting excellent talent with the goal of nurturing Korea-Vietnam bio experts.  

The delegation from CNU, which included officials and representatives from the partner universities, signed the agreement with HMU, building upon a previous cooperation agreement signed in February. This expanded trilateral agreement is expected to broaden the scope of academic and research exchanges and collaboration.

With HMU, which is an institution directly under the Prime Minister of Vietnam, CNU already signed a business agreement in February. This time, three-party MOU aims to expand the scope of exchange and cooperation along with CNU Hospital.
In addition, with the participation of President Nguyen Huu Tu and other officials, a multilateral agreement was signed with HMU, and the university decided to cooperate in training bio-professionals like Hanoi National University Medical School.

In particular, cooperation with HMU is expected to have a positive impact on attracting the “Glocal University 30 Project” which CNU applied for participation and now waiting for application results.

Established in 1902, HMU is the university with the longest history in Vietnam. It opened Vietnam's first university hospital in 2008 and is known for admitting the highest-caliber students in the country. 

Through these agreements with VNU-UMP and HMU, CNU not only contributes to the development of a bioscience cluster in Hanoi, Vietnam, but also collaborates in nurturing experts from both countries. This further extends the university's international network with foreign universities.