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CNU Pioneering Next-Generation Telecommunications Talent Development and Technology Advancement

작성자대외협력실 작성일2023.10.31 15:48 조회207

CNU is at the forefront of cultivating advanced talent and core technology development in next-generation telecommunications fields such as 5G and 6G, thereby supporting national competitiveness.

The university provided high-quality open courses on topics like 5G and 6G until September, inviting internationally recognized experts from both industry giants like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and LG Uplus, and academia. These educational programs attracted over 300 participants, including undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals.

Furthermore, the university received a significant response by offering three micro-degree programs in the field of next-generation telecommunications in the current semester, with over 100 students enrolling in these programs.

In line with this success, CNU plans to expand its micro-degree programs by adding diverse topics such as communication system design, AI-integrated communication, network security, communication network software, and communication semiconductors in the coming year. This expansion aims to allow students to choose from more than ten different courses in their areas of interest.

Moreover, the university has made these courses available not only to engineering students but also to students from other academic disciplines, for instance, the humanities field, ensuring a wide range of course options for all students.

Additionally, CNU has opened extracurricular programs for students from other universities and professionals currently working at companies like Samsung, LG, and KT. These programs include credit exchange, industry internships, participation in various domestic and international competitions, and more.

Furthermore, CNU is intensifying its core research and development efforts in the field of next-generation telecommunications to enhance its global competitiveness.

Currently, the university is engaged in research projects such as ▲ flexible channel coding for 6G/B5G xURLLC, ▲ an artificial intelligence-based satellite-cellular integration system for B5G and 6G, and▲ circuit development for 6G low-earth orbit satellite communication. These research projects are all integral to the core technology of 5G and 6G telecommunications. CNU research teams conducting these projects have already achieved international recognition by publishing papers in prominent journals and conferences of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and by competing successfully on the global stage.