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Life at CNU

CNU Opens atti-C 2023, a Relaxation Space at Student Union 2

작성자대외협력실 작성일2023.11.29 16:51 조회295

CNU has opened a mixed relaxation space called atti-C 2023 at Student Union 2. The name attic-C 2023 combines the meaning of an attic and the first letter 'C' of CNU, symbolizing a comfortable space like an attic for students.

The university renovated the student restaurant at Student Union 2, transforming it into a versatile relaxation space with lounges, study rooms, and improved convenience for users. 

The interior of Atti-C 2023 has a unique concept resembling an indoor tennis court, offering views of seasonal landscapes and vibrant colors, reflecting the sensibilities of the MZ generation. 

To commemorate the opening, President Jung, along with other faculty members, personally served drinks and freshly baked bread to students, garnering a significant response. CNU also announced a discount on selected beverages until November 17, priced at 1,000 KRW.

Students expressed satisfaction, saying, "It looks beautiful, like a place from American school dramas," and "The space is spacious and comfortable, so I think I will visit frequently."

President Jung commented, "I hope the newly introduced Atti-C 2023 becomes a cozy attic for students and, more importantly, an attic that nurtures dreams."