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Large Number of Successful Candidates in the Legal Field for 2023-2024 at CNU Law School

작성자대외협력실 작성일2023.11.29 16:53 조회318

CNU has achieved a remarkable feat by producing 16 successful candidates for next year's Law Clerk Appointment Exam, Judicial Researcher in the Supreme Court, and new prosecutor selection. Notably, 15 of these successful candidates are current students, showcasing the CNU Law School's educational capabilities.

According to CNU Law School (dean: Professor Jeong Hoon), it produced 11 successful candidates for next year's Law Clerk Appointment Exam. The Law Clerk system selects candidates who, as legal experts, assist judges in the examination of cases and research for the trial. It is generally consider that work experience as a law clerk contributes to a higher possibility of being appointed as a judge. 

Additionally, a third-year law student from the CNU Law School was appointed as Judicial Researcher for the Supreme Court.

Typically, judicial researchers for the Supreme Court are selected from current judges, making it rare for current students or non-judicial personnel to be selected. 

Judicial researchers for the Supreme Court work on the investigation and research of appellate cases at the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, CNU achieved excellent results on the prosecutor appointment exam for next year, with a total of four successful candidates, including one graduate.

Prior to this, in October, CNU had four lawyers from its graduates for the 2023 Judge Appointment, which appoints legal professionals with more than five years of legal counseling experience. They are scheduled to be appointed to courts in March of the following year.

The total number of judge appointments in the country this year is 34 from the graduates of the Judicial Research and Training Institute and 87 from nationwide law schools.

CNU Law School, from the first batch in 2012 to the 13th batch in 2024, has produced excellent talent in various legal fields, including 21 judges, 17 prosecutors, 71 law clerks, and one Judicial researcher for the Supreme Court. 

▣ List of Successful Candidates and Appointed Personnel in the Legal Field from CNU graduates in 2024
▲ Law clerks: Go Seung-ah, Go Yeon-a, Kim Kyung-rok (simultaneous success), Kim Eun-young, Park Jin-young, Sung Da-young, Ahn Soo-min, Jung Da-in, Jung Hee-won, Jin Hee-sun, and Choi Ji-young
▲ Judicial researcher for the Supreme Court: Lee Kang-hee
▲ Prosecutors: Kim Kyung-rok (simultaneous success), Kim Hyun-min, Jung Tae-sung, Jung Ho-geun
▲ Judges (2023): Na Kyung-sik, Ryu Ho-jeong, Yang Sung-mo, Hong Dae-hoon (lawyer)